DPL01 Dynamic Pulse Light Skin Rejuvenation Acne Pigmentation Removal Permanent DPL Hair Removal

DPL is a precise skin rejuvenation for more accurate narrow-spectrum light for skin rejuvenation treatment, greatly improved light and heat selectivity. Compared with traditional photorejuvenation, it has higher selectivity, more precision.

  • Place of Origin: Beijing China
  • Brand Name: Zohonice
  • Certification: CE Certificate
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  • Warranty: 1~3 year
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    DPL Advantages
    The wavelength energy used in DPL Precision Rejuvenation is concentrated in a narrow band, enabling precise treatment of diseased blood vessels and red blood cells for efficient and rapid treatment.
    —Rapid Treatment—
    DPL precise light achieves fast treatment and uniform energy distribution for large-area lesions, so there is no stimulation to the skin, feel skin warmer.
    Simple and Fast—
    The treatment process is short, no anesthesia is needed, and the normal work and life will not be affected after surgery. No special care is needed, which is quick and convenient.
    Safe and Comfortable—
    The DPL precision light used in the sequence pulse mode has no pain to the skin, is safe and comfortable, has no side effects, and enjoys a different skin rejuvenation experience.


    >>> Application

    · Skin rejuvenation. shrink pores, wrinkle whitening, brighten skin tone.
    · Red blood. congenital red blood, red skin after skin resurfacing, red face (face flushing), red blood acne, rosacea, etc.
    · Freckle. freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, pigmentation, etc.
    · Hair removal.

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    >>> Working Theory

     DPL(Dye Pulse Light), a new narrow-spectrum light technology, quickly and efficiently solve facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (red face) problems.Because the curative effect is significantly beyond the photo rejuvenation, and the treatmentcycle is significantly shortened, it has epoch-making significance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology.


    >>> FAQ

    Q1. What is DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light)?

    A1. DPL is an advanced method of IPL that uses the light ( wide range of the light spectrum) in a controlled intensity over the root of the hair to be removed or the hair follicles. The light is half a quotient absorbed by the pigments on the hair. This makes the hair root to absorb the light which is then converted into heat energy to destroy the pigments. Pigments are the main cause of hair growth in all areas. Apart from hair removing, DPL also used in the process of healing pigmentation and acne ( which occurs at all ages particularly for the teenagers now).

    Q2. Differences Between IPL, DPL ,SHR and Diode laser Hair Removal?

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